Mobile Dog Grooming
Benefits of Mobile Grooming:
  • Absolute Convenience. You will never again have to rearrange your schedule to drop-off and pick-up your pet at the grooming salon.
  • No separation anxiety and less stressful for your dog. 
  • Individual one-on-one attention given to each dog by the same Professional Dog Groomer on every visit.
  • Perfect for elderly and special needs' dogs.
  • All dogs are completely dried by hand and never cage-dried so there is no chance for overheating.
  • Quiet, calm, relaxing atmosphere because there aren't any other barking dogs.
  • No exposure to other animals and their diseases and parasites. 
  • No car sickness or dirty dogs riding in your car. Perfect for the multi-pet home.
  • Services performed in a clean, climate controlled and safe environment.
  • No more long stays at the grooming shop (our appointments last from 1-2 hours).  Your dog will not spend hours in a crate at a grooming shop, waiting while other dogs are being groomed. Your dog is our only customer while we are at your home. 
Get in touch!

We're open 9am - 5pm, Monday through Saturday.
(267) 229-4611

Our Pet Groomer will come to your home and groom your dog in front of your home.  Service areas include: Newtown, Yardley, Washington Crossing, New Hope, Richboro and Holland.

Owner operated.   2-hour, cageless dog grooming by Jim Connors, Professional Dog Groomer of many years.  Pet Groomer is an Approved Dog Grooming Instructor by the PA Dept. of Education.

Mobile Dog Grooming in Your Driveway.